Talan Towers

Project Description

The Hotel Apartments of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Talan Towers building are one-floor-high residential units, where a sampling rate of one-in-seven typical units has been tested per the “Residential Manual for Compliance with California’s 2001 Energy Efficiency Standards”. The project received an Air Tightness Test carried by Propetus on 12-Jul-2017.

The conducted testing and carried analysis was successful with the three following tools:

– Retrotec Blower Door AL250R Type / 3101 Series

– Retrotec 3300SR Fan.

– Retrotec DM32 Digital Gauge.

The test was carried by an ATTMA attested engineer that ensured the projects is in line with the requirements of LEED NC 2009 / IEQp2 Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control.

The importance of Air Tightness Test is evident in ensuring energy efficiency for buildings. Such inefficiency is a result of leakage of cooled air (uncontrolled airflow), which is considered a great loss of energy as the hot air is easily drawn into the property, causing unwanted heat gains, rise in cooling bills, discomfort and reduced air quality.

Project Details

Astana, Kasakhstan.
Completion Date
Execution of Inspection
Complied to ASTM E779-3 and In Line with LEED Gold
Building Type
Ritz Carlton Hotel One-Floor-High Residential Apartments
Scope of Work
Commissioning and Air Tightness Test
Method of Testing
Fan Pressurization of 5 apartments
Building Area
Ranging from 126.4 m2 to 334.8 m2
Building Height
3.85 m

Test Equipment

– Retrotec DM32 Digital Gauge.



– Retrotec 3300SR Fan and AL250 / 3101 Series Blower Door.