Project Management

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Propetus Project Management Services

Within the given constrains, Propetus team still achieve all set goals of inspections by processing the defaults, recommending solutions, monitoring the implementation and testing the reparation afterward.


Services Offered

Project Management

Propetus Project Manager is a person who brings all the pieces of a project together, ensuring that the different phases of work are completed efficiently and within a predefined budget.

Risk Management

All projects risk going over budget. Propetus Project Managers are tasked with reducing risk by hiring only licensed and skilled professionals, securing adequate project insurances, and managing contracts that clarify all parties’ responsibilities.

Design Support

Propetus team not only manages projects but also reviews and gives advice on architectural spatial optimization. We help clients in selection of material, finishes and equipment.

Budget Management

Propetus Project managers hire and manage multiple contractors, budget for materials, pay vendors, use financing properly to keep a project at or under budget. If there are no change orders, then there are no budget overruns if it is done the Propetus way!