Frequently Asked Questions

To allow buyers to move in with utmost comfort, and have their property thoroughly checked from any minor or major defaults.

To ensure the safety of the occupants from any possibility of life-threatening problems and uncover any permanent ones can than cause significant health issues.

Propetus looks at the exterior and interior systems, features and components of the property, including electrical, plumbing, roofing and grading, HVAC, and foundations.

Usually, it takes 4-6 hours for a full apartment / villa, since properties are inspected for different reasons, and depends on the number of systems and its complexity level, it might differ from a place to another.

Simply, reach out for Propetus on the given contact methods or visit us at our office. You can also schedule an inspection now with us or calculate an approximate cost of your inspection before contacting Propetus.

Variable options! Either pay by hand-in cash, current dated cheque or bank transfer to Propetus Inspection.


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