Ain Al-Fayda 2000 Villas

Project Description

Ain Al Fayda 2000 Villa Compound Residential, where a sampling rate of each villa type has been tested. The project received three Envelope Testing Activities carried by Propetus: Water Leakage Test, Air Leakage Test and IR Thermal Imaging Inspection. The tests started on 10th-Sep-2015 and finished in October-2016.

The test was carried by two ATTMA attested engineers that ensured the projects is in line with Estidama requirements according to Systems & Envelope Performance Verification.

The importance of Envelope Building Tests is evident in ensuring energy efficiency for buildings. Using IR Thermal Imaging technology and Air Tightness Tests tools to detect faults, infiltration and leakage of cooled air.

Water Leakage detection on the other hand protects the residents from contamination, mold and musty surfaces. It is also a great indicator of the quality of the piping construction inside the building as well.

Project Details

Alain, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Completion Date
Execution of Inspection
Complied to ASTM Standard E779-03 and AAMA 501.2-03
Building Type
Residential Compound of 2000 Villas
Scope of Work
Air Tightness and Water Leakage tests and Thermography
Method of Testing
Fan Pressurization of 2 different Types of Villas
Building Height
7.2 m
Building Area
382.8 m2

Test Equipment

The Air Leakage Test:

– Retrotec DM32 Digital Gauge.


– Retrotec 3300SR Fan and AL250 / 3101 Series Blower Door.


Test Equipment (Cont.)

IR Thermal Imaging Inspection:

– FLIR Infrared Camera Type E6.


The Water Leakage Test:

– Monrach Water Ingress Testing Kit.