Fountain View Towers

Project Description

The Fountain View Towers are two residential towers located in downtown Dubai, UAE. The project received thermographic test carried by Propetus on 3rd-Nov-2021.

The test was carried by ATTMA attested engineers that ensured the conducted thermographic test is in line with the standard qualitative infrared inspection method of ASTM E1934-99a.

During the thermographic inspection, a total number of 76 thermal images have been taken, covering the span between basement of Tower-01 & Tower-02, the parking, and the electrical rooms in three elevation levels of both towers.

In addition, all operational conditions of the electrical system were taken into consideration for observing the thermal pattern of the images taken.

Thermography testing of electrical systems is important to ensure the safety of the residents and properties from connection issues, overloading, misbalancing and  overheating resulting from aging of performance.

Project Details

Downtown Dubai, UAE
Completion Date
Execution of Inspection
Complied to ASTM Standard E1934-99a
Building Type
Residential Towers
Scope of Work
Thermography Test
Method of Testing
Thermographic Images of MDBs and Busbars

Test Equipment

– Testo 890-2      25° x 19°