Al Masraf Bank

Project Description

Al-Masraf Bank-Mussafah Branch is located in KIZAD in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The project received Water Ingress Test carried by Propetus on 5th-Oct-2021.

The test was carried by ATTMA attested engineers that ensured the conducted water leakage test is in accordance with AAMA Standard 501.2: Quality Assurance and Diagnostic Water Leakage Field Check of Installed Storefronts, Curtain Walls, and Sloped Glazing Systems.

During the inspection, short videos and photos have been taken to document the water leakage test. Four samples were tested over different elevation levels, of which all windows met the minimum requirements to be tested according to the standard, which is minimum area of 9.3 sqm, and divided into segments, each tested separately.

Water leakage test of fixed windows is important to ensure the sufficient protection against water infiltration, dust and foreign objects, which is crucial for the comfort of the residents.

Project Details

Mussafah Industrial Zone, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Completion Date
Execution of Inspection
In Accordance to AAMA Standard 501.2
Building Type
Public Facility
Scope of Work
Water Ingress Test
Method of Testing
Water leakage test of fixed windows

Test Equipment

– Monarch” nozzle (with a ¾” FPT) with pressure gauge and control valve