Bee’ah Headquarter

Project Description

Bee’ah Head Quarters is one of the biggest projects in Sharjah as it os the headquarter of the first waste-to-energy plant in UAE. The project received an Air Tightness Test carried by Propetus on 2-Nov-2021.

The conducted testing and carried analysis was successful with the following equipment:

– Retrotec Blower Door AL250R Type / 3101 Series

– Retrotec 3300SR Fan.

– Retrotec DM32 Digital Gauge.

– Hand-held Smoke Generator.

The test was carried by ATTMA attested engineers that ensured the projects is in compliance with ASTM Standard E1186, where the whole building of 7,000 sqm was covered in the inspection, and multi re-tests were carried to ensure the full protection of air leakage.

Project Details

Sharjah, UAE
Completion Date
Execution of Inspection
Complied to ASTM Standard E1186
Building Type
Governmental Facility
Scope of Work
Envelope Testing: Door Air Tightness Test
Method of Testing
Blower-Door-Assisted Localized Smoke Test

Test Equipment

– Retrotec DM32 Digital Gauge.


– Retrotec 3300SR Fan and AL260 Blower Door.





Test Equipment (Cont.)

– Hand-held Smoke Generator.