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Under the contract of the main company Salimus Consultancy, Propetus carries out thorough inspections with utmost alertness and dedication.

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Propetus has always prioritized the clients’ comfort and satisfaction, which is why it empathizes the importance of inspection prior to buying a new property.

For 10 years now, Propetus has worked with the same transparent, ethical and efficient manner in the industry, placing itself in a competitive position in the market, in the region. Our responsibility is to ease the way in front of buyers; because purchasing a new property is an important deal that shouldn’t be neglectingly handled.

For that, Propetus team of professional inspectors will get the property checked; to inform the buyer about all minor and major defaults, and specify the risk level of these issues too, in order to uncover any problems before closing, where the inspection will be carried in the specific timeframe that is in favor of the buyer.

More into the core


A team of certified inspectors, working in accordance with international standards that will carry thorough examination of properties.


Propetus aims to guarantee a safe and secure property purchase that will protect the occupants health and push towards their satisfaction.


Our commitment to fulfill the needs of the clients and exceed their expectations with  core competence and dedication.

Why Choose Us

Propetus offers a thorough inspection of the property's interior and exterior systems and structures and different features and certain components that are in direct contact with the occupants, such that the owner is safe and sound

  • Quality, Health and Safety Policy followed
  • On Time and on Budget
  • Certified Professionals
  • Ethical Commitment of Excellence
  • Most Advanced Technology

Popular Questions

Propetus understand the importance of buying a new property, which is why uncovering all issues and faults prior to purchasing and moving in comes in top priority.

Simply, reach out for Propetus on the given contact methods. You can also schedule an inspection now with us or calculate an approximate cost of your inspection before contacting Propetus.

Variable options! Either pay by hand-in cash, current dated cheque or bank transfer to Propetus Inspection.